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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kissing the Bricks *Again*

From Track Side with Melli
What a great ending to a long race Sunday at the Brickyard where Nascar spends a few days on the hollowed grounds of one of the greats racing tracks in the world.
The Indy or Brickyard has almost 100 years of history and now Nascar has itched its small part of the history as to being the only non open wheel racing league to race at the Royal Crown of racing. I have to say that I was working in the ER Sunday, the TVs went down, and the call went out to Cox to GET IT FIXED pronto. I work with several ER Docs that are just crazy about Nascar as I am, and with small flat screens in each treatment area watching a race isn't a problem, so when the cable went down I thought there was going to be another emergency lol all got fixed and I watched the last 20 laps and boy o boy I needed O2 at about this time lmao, I hear this "MELLLLIE!!!! get in here your lil guy is LEADING this damn thing" LOL well, I was with a patient and got over to the flat screen when I could and yeppers he was then I'm hearing the very upset Juan Pablo Montoya yelling that he got robbed for the speeding penalty, and that hurts.
Jimmy took the lead, with Mr. Mark right on his butty kissing it for 10labs OMG I just had to walk away and not watch and get busy doing what I love to do.
Jimmy ended up winning by 2/100th of a sec, Mark lost by 2/100 of a sec oh well, he was very happy and had a blast, plus he got the coveted pole which at the Brickyard is a big deal.
Mark is now 9th in the points and we need to keep going up up up.
I'm hearing that the Brickyard may be no more for Nascar as a scheduled race, as AAA is not going to be the primary sponsor starting next year. When the crappy economy I'm not surprised, I'm sure they are looking in earnest for a title sponsor.
The Brickyard is one of the biggest purses from to 43, finishing last will pocket a team 200K and that for some is a lot.
As for the Jeremy Mayfield deal, it's sad to see a talent go down the way he is going of Sat of this past week they sold off the hauler and cars, they only thing left is shop inventory which I'm sure will be sold soon.
I just can't get why some that are doing so well, turn to drugs ext, I just don't get it and I thank God I never had that all my 57 yrs I have never tried anything including pot, I just feel the need for it, and if my mom and day and other of my Italian family ever found out, I wouldn't be sitting here ranting here LOL.
Have a great rest of the week, keep cool, keep the water close until the hideous summer of HEAT is over lol.
Ciao for now
Hugs to all and God is so good

Sunday, July 12, 2009

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff

Here we are again for the 4th time this year with Mark Martin #5 Hendrick Motorsports it just amazing to me to watch Mark after 30 years have a year like he's having. Last night he won at Chicagoland win #4 and is back in 11th in the points. That is what I'm having a hard time getting my head around, the compitation in Nascar today is so stiff which shows with Mark only coming up 2 spots after a win.
He's not a shoe in for the chase, not yet, remember what happend to Kasey Kahane 2 years ago? He won 6 races in 07 and didn't make the chase due to him being inconsistant the last 10 races to the chase, thats why you see the top 12 not top 10 because of all the outrage he wasn't in the chase with 6 wins.
It doesn't matter how many wins you have, if your team isn't spot on, hitting all their marks during the race, the engine shop spot on with the power plants, and all the planets alligned, there isn't any guarentee the team will make the chase.
I'm excited for Mark and crew, but for now until the end of this season they can't miss, its spot on time...Mark is driving better than I've seen in along time. Thats due to him being happy and having fun. Mark is not a points driver, he races to win every race, and if that puts up in the top tier then so be the points as he said last night.
I couldn't watch the entrie race just the last 60 as I was working in the ER, but LOL Dr. Clark has the flat screen tunned to the race so it was hard NOT to watch and I could see Mark was almost lapping the field, I didn't watch not wanting to jinx his run.
Then...our best friend in Norfolk GARYYYYY was texting me a blow by blow LOL which was hard to focus on my work, but I did and all was well when I got home.
We went to dinner at Sunset Station when Mark crossed the finish line man o man was there a HUGE cheer from just about everyone by the sports bar LOL.
Let's just see if Mark/Crew can keep up this momintem I bet he can :)
Ciao for now

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Monsoon 07-03-09

Man o man that was fun lol a monsoon blew through Boulder City yesterday with 60mpr winds and flash flooding it lasted about 3hrs off and on. Thunder/lightning the whole show. We had friends and family on Lake Mead when it hit they are fine, but my cousin Martys boat didn't fare so well, it has a hole in the back, but they are fine. Have a great 4th
Ciao for now

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Birthday American May God Bless You and US...this is one of the greatest places to live. To be free FREE to believe what we want to worship where we want. This country for 100+ years has fought hard to stay free under GOD and will continue the fight for freedom.
The picture of the our nations flag stirs such proud emotions, tears and a smile knowing that I live on the best part of this wonderful planet called Mother Earth.
The beautiful face of the Eagle is the national symbol of strength and also the shadow of fear for those that have harmed her and continue to try and harm her, she will NOT let that happen, and if it does, there will be retubution.
This picture I got right after 09-11-01, let's us not for a second forget that horrible day, let the memories linger to be the constant reminder we can never has a United Nation let our guard down, never ever again will that happen.
There has been enough blood shed over that last 100 years on our own shores and it's time to stand United under God and protect what is ALL of our FREEDOM.
Some today are trying to take that away, but it will not happen....just look at the Flag, the Eagle, and God's almight hand protecting us, what a wonderful feeling.
Thank you Dear Dear Flag for what you stand for thank you for OUR FREEDOM.