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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Is Here

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
Spring has sprung here in Boulder City NV the desert flowers will be in full bloom soon and it will be breath taking, I plan on getting pictures to post.
With Spring here it's time for renewal, a fresh start, moving forward, being positive about what we all have, being grateful for the little pleasures of life like a blooming desert that for a short period of time brings joys to thousands that view the wonders of Spring.
Yes, we are all in some have been affected by the current challenges facing this country and our local areas. Layoffs have taken place at the Hospital I work at, yes, we too have felt the horrible down turn.
I thank God everyday for having a job to go to and pray for those that are going through rough times. Stay strong, look to the positive of this mess we are all in and don't lose faith, the good Lord is there and will pull us through.
On the Nascar front, they are in Phoenix this weekend I'm hoping that Mark Martins but luck and crew screw ups are over and they start there climb back to the top of the points.
That it for now, keep looking up up up and SMILE, God I promise you loves you.
Ciao for now