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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Joey Lagano Win 1st Race at NHIS

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
<Lagano and Tony Stewart ct of is just to cool. Joey being one of the youngest driver at (19) to win a cup race. Even though it was a rain win, it's a win and they will take it anyway they can get it. Tony was as proud of punch to see the kid get the win and was one of the first in the winners circle to congratulate him. They Mark Martin came by to give the kid who he discovered 5 years ago while racing in quarter midgets, with his own son Matt. Mark said way way back then that Lagano was going to be the best driver Nascar has seen since Dale E and Gordon, time will tell. Lets see if he can take the checkers on dry asphalt, I'm sure it's coming.
Mark is still in 11th by a mere 3 points, it's time for the #5 Chevy Crew to step it up, it's crunch time boys, it would be a heart breaker for Mark and team if he didn't make the chase after winning 3 races to date. If Mark makes the Chase and I'm sure he will, Kyle and Mark will share the top spot I think not sure, I will look into that. It was good race all in all, I did notice the thinning crowds, I'm sure it's due to millions of folks being out of work, but Nascar will (I hope) grow even stronger as the tracks in the circuit are lower the prices which makes sense.
Not going there about Kyle, nope not gonna do it, it just gets me red headed lol.
I'm trying to stay cool as it got to 107 here in Boulder City NV today (UGH) and don't ask why are we living in the desert if I don't heat!! WORK lol 16yrs ago when the bottom fell out of the California economy I was laid off from a large Catholic Hospital in Orange lol I was offered a job here in BC took it, four months later I was laid off, I could go on, that's why we are here...Brian has a very good secure job with his company, so here we stay.
Ciao for now

Monday, June 22, 2009

Kasey Kahne Wins at Sanoma

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
Congrats to Kasey Kahne for his win at Sanoma Nascar's first road race of the season. It was good to see Richard Petty in the winners circle as the car owner.
The trophey is a very cool one too, its made from win cork as that is wine country that was very cool.
I wasn't happy to see that Mark dropped from 8th to 11th, they just couldn't get that car right and with all the bumping and grinding it was a challange to just get around the track yesterday lol but thats road racing which I love.
Ciao for now

Happy Fathers Day Daddy

I posted a Happy Fathers Day to my dad Jerry and father in law Rob and for some reason it didn't post. Both Brian and I want to wish our fathers a wonderful day. For me father's day is every day my dad Jerry has always been very special to me.
Since I was a little girl I have had a close relationship with him for that I'm blessed. Today he's 89 and still very active and I'm blessed to still have him around to remind me of how great life is. Life is how we make it, I try to start every day with a smile and prayer and make it the best I can.
My father in law Rob is just one of the sweetest men, always there if you need anything, he's retired but still very busy with helping with the grand kids. Brian is also very blessed to have a great day, they are very close.
So, to both our father's Happy Fathers Day we love you
Brian and Melanie

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ok Enough is Enough of Kyle Busch

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
Busch cited Mark Martin and current points leader Tony Stewart as an example of how fickle the points standings are this season.
"You look at Mark, he was 34th at the beginning of the season about ready to fall out of the top 35 and here is eighth in front of us now," Busch said. "He's had the success that he's needed in order to bring himself back up through there. Tony has been the same way; he runs top-10 every week. That's the way we were last year.
"The same things would fall our way, and we had luck going our way really well. And this year has just been a struggle to get finishes knocked out every week and go on a string of top-10s."
The above quote is from Kyle Busch after this past weeks meeting he had with JD Gibbs and his crew chief, it's all blah blah blah to me. Let me say this about the whole Kyle thing, he's the most unprofessional, spoiled rotten, self centered little snot I've ever seen. This young man doesn't GET IT, he is so self absorbed in HIMSELF to consider who is paying him big bucks to drive in the top tier of Nascar Sprint Cup, it's the M&Ms and all the other sponsors that have stuck it out with him, but I'm thinking that they are probably looking to spend there very hard earned money on someone who will appreciate what they have.
With today's economy in the tank, the worst it's been in 50 years, national unemployment at a all time high 10% and rising, he just doesn't get it!!!! If I were his parents I would be mortified of the way he act's in public after a race he didn't win, and IF I was his mother, that boy and I would have a very coming to Jesus conversation and I mean in a hurry. Every time that little chit did his crude walk away stomp after a race, he would get a Tony Dinozo (NCIS) lol slap on the back of the head, and he would turn his butt around because I would be kicking it, and make nice nice with the media, sponsors and most importantly the FANS who are paying to see a good race.
Yes, I would, and I just might do that if I am at a track that he pulls that crap, and I promise you all that would be the LAST time he does the Kyle Stomp away, trust me on this. I don't want to hear assult or whatever, that's the problem with him now, he didn't get his butt kicked growing up and I'm sure he needed it. (I wouldn't lay a hand on him I was just saying how frustrated I am seeing him pull that crap) for the record.
The reason that Mark Martin has gone from 34th to 8th in the points is 1) his crew respects him 2) he's good to his crew he's apart of the TEAM 2) Alan Gustufson his CC adores the guy and is working his guts out to give Mark what he needs to win 3) Rick Hendrick is right behind him supporting him 4) Last but not least he's a gentleMAN, he is blessed for this second resurgence in Cup and winning at 50 and he LOVES his fans and lets them know it all the time.
As for Tony Stewart doing so well in a start up organization, it's back to respect for team and crew, Tony is well respected, he has had his issues in the past, but let me tell you, Tony is a KIND MAN he has a heart the size of the US and it shows and he's happy with himself, plus he doesn't have anything to prove that's why he's running in the top ten every week as is Mark.
With that said, and I've said enough already, Kyle will NEVER be the kind of MEN Tony and Mark are EVER. He's too self absorbed in himself to see past his own shadow which is sad, the kid can drive a car, but sorry to tell ya, it take a whole lot more today to just DRIVE a Cup car, it takes the whole package.
Self respect, respect for others, a giving person, patient under stress, being cool under the pressure of the constant grind in Nascar, giving to the fans and on and on and on. Kyle doesn't possess those traits.
I have lost all respect for him and it will take a miracle to get it back, which in his own words, he doesn't CARE!!!! He will start caring when the money stops and at 24 that will be the wake up call he needs to get it together.
And, for the first time I have copied this to Couch Gibbs and Kyle PR Rep, I want them to see what a fan of Nascar has to say about their little Darling. I wait for a response, but I'm so sure I will not get one.
That it's on that rant, sorry but I had to get it off my chest ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
Ciao for now

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mark Martin Wins #3 at MI

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
Wow, what an ending at MI tonight, I was stunned stupid lol to say the very least when Mark crossed that checkred line first, I was shaking my head in disbelief like most of us watching and also over joyed that the God of Nascar shinned on Mark and won his 3rd race this season which makes his total in Cup wins 38. He's the 17th all time winner in Cup and is now has the most wins this season.
The media has made such a huge issue of Mark being 50 and still competitive and winning, if you watched the race, Bill Elliott 53 who runs a limited schedule with the Wood Brothers Racing finished 13th. So, those of us over 50, me included feel better now than I did in my 30s and 40s, I am where I want to be and happy with life. Mark and Bill are there too, they don't have anything to prove to anyone, they are Champions who are 2 of the most respected drivers in Nascar history. The younger drivers look up to them for guideness in a very rough sport, it's tough to win a race and when they do, they know it may be there last as the competition is so tough now, it's very hard to win.
The best year in wins Mark had was 1998 the year of Mark Martin and Jeff Gordon, between those two guys they won 20 of the 32 races, Mark 7 and Jeff 13 who went on to win the championship over Mark by 300 points lol even with all those wins Mark was behind the 8 ball 300 points, the Mark and Jeff show man that brings a smile to my face.
But, this is hands down the very best year for Mark, he's a different man. Older, mature and happy he's at a good time in his life with his family right beside him. I saw Arlene today and she was beaming, she has always stayed in the background for much of Mark career, but today, she was right there beside him and what a cute couple they make.
This coming weekend we are headed to Sanoma aka Infanion road course just outside SF Calif. it's one the most beautiful tracks Cup goes to.
It sits high up in the wine country with the beautiful Pacific Ocean in eyesight, this will be a great race and Mark is a roadie as they say, he loves road courses.
Well, that's it for my Trackside rants, I'm going to bed tonight a happy women as it's been a very nice productive day and to top it off Mark and crew won yet again.
Ciao for now

Friday, June 12, 2009

And Another Thing!!!!!

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
The pressure is on several teams to kick it up about 10 notches, Kevin Harvick is one of them...that team hasn't been able to get going this year and the points time clock is ticking before the Chase starts in Oct. it will be here quicker than we think. I could hear the frustration in Kevin's voice tonight when he was interviewed on Track side Live.
Mark Martin in one point (1) out of 12th which he slipped to after last weeks race at Pocono, what a disappointment, running in the top 10 most of the day and to lose the car at the end is what kills your chances at the Championship, the #5 crew needs to really kick it up too, its show time, they need to be spot on until the chase starts and on if he's got a chance to win the Cup.
The other stuff to my rant......What about Ms. Calif being dethroned for her personal thoughts on gay marriage????? She has every right to voice her opinion and the last time I looked we live in the United States of AMERICA which spells FREEDOM to express our thoughts, but I guess that's not the case with the Ms. USA folks aka the Donald.
Seems to me that this country is tilting to the far left and those of us on the right or the Christian Conservative are being punished for our personal opinions?????? Hmmm, that's like the folks who live in Russia, China and other communist countries, not here.
Sara Palin spoke up today with Matt Lauer on the Today Show about her feelings about the joke David Letterman made about something to do with statuary rape, which really hit a cord with her, and she has EVERY right to voice her concerns about the message a jokes sends out on a very violent act.
I agree, it's good for the goose but apparently not good for the I have said before we are on a crash course to hell if we don't wake up and start acting like the true Americans we are and get back to the values this country was founded on, God, Family, Country regardless of how so many try to change it, it will never be any other way, and that's my rant on that.
Ciao for now

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spot Light On A Dear Friend Sheila Diane

Let me introduce you to Sheila whom I've know for over 30 years. We worked together at St. Josephs Hospital Orange Calif. in the ER. I worked there 16yrs and of those 16 yrs I was in the ER 10. From the day we met we had a special bond, I loved working with Sheila, things went smoothly when she was there. I have such wonderful memories of the grand days working in a great hospital with the hands down best ER Doc's and nurses that graced the earth.
I learned so much from her over the years, for instance I love scrap booking due to Sheila, before it was all the craze. She also taught me how to use a camera the right way.... I think my fondest memories and I'm giggling thinking about it was her idea to go buy pretty sheets, and use those sheets as wall covering. It was amazing how beautiful my bedroom looked after we did that, plus I used the same print for pillow shams and comforter I know it sounds crazy, but it's being used today in new homes, and I may do it again with the one wall in my bedroom this fall when we paint the inside of the house.
Sheila is one person that I have stayed in touch with all these years and know that she is always there if I need to talk and just catch up.
I know when she reads this she is going to be floored, but that's the fun of surprising your friends, Sheila a great lady and I'm so blessed to have her as a life long friend.
I will spot lighting those that have touched my life so don't be surprised if your picture appears one day:)
Ciao for now

Tony *Smoke* Stewart Win Pocono Race

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
Wow, I'm so jazzed to see Tony Stewart #14 win at Pocono today, it was strong all day and I had a gut feeling he was running this race like a Cheetah in the grass just waiting for the right time to really put the hammer down and GOOOOOOO and boy oh boy, did he go. Cousin Carl (Edwards) #99 was biting at his butt but didn't have it to overtake him. It was very hard to pass on the long straight aways, with this track being 2.5 miles and flat it's not what you would call a momentum track, just being up front is what you want here.
I was also good to see Chevy did well today as they do most Sunday, that may end next weekend as Nascar is at MI which is the House of Rousch (Breath Gary, it has been dominated by Roush for years, look it up LOL) so if Hendrick plans on beating the Roush gang they best step it way up a notch cause Biffle and Carl LOVE this upcoming track.
With that out of the way, I need to just touch on Mr. Kyle Busch winning last night in the Nationwide series at Memphis, what he did to the Gibson Guitar in the winners circle was a little off setting, he did the Ozzie Osbourn stunt by smashing it on the ground for his crew!!!
Now, knowing the general feeling of Nascar fans, I thought to myself when I saw it, OH MY, that boy is going to get beat lol.
So, I hit the net going to and and there it was, not 15mins after he won. No congrats just this lead in that Bad boy Kyle was up to it again by smashing the guitar.
I've even gotten a e mail or two or three about it asking me what I think, and this is what I have come up with. First off, Kyle is only 24 years old, he's at the top of his game at a very young age, he's a driving machine and a winning machine, the kid lives to race and again let me restate this he's (24). He's acting like any immature young adult acts and I'm glad that he is doing it and not worrying about you or I think about it, because to be quit honest with you all Kyle doesn't care what we think about him, that's just the way he is, so I say either ignore his childish behaviour or stop watching Nacsar and I don't think you will do that.
Ciao for now

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Moving Forward

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
Good morning, this is the Other Stuff side of my blog....I completed my first week at St. Rose Hospital Henderson, to say it was a fast paced, very hectic week would be an understatement but it was good. I really like being on the go again, and training in the ER is like going back to a home that your familiar with. The busy pace of the ER is always present, I am training in ER Admitting, which involves registering all patients seen in the ER.
I like it, there is a good feeling there and team work is the key word. There's lots of smiling faces even with it being so busy, and it makes for a less stressful work place. Being a Catholic facility there is a feeling a peacefulness when you enter the building, the presences of God is very much present.
For 16yrs I worked at St. Josephs Hospital Orange Ca, and the familiar atmosphere was a welcome change for me.
With my first week done, I now have an idea how things flow, I'm looking forward to getting back to work on Monday and I'm finally moving forward.
More later have a great weekend