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Friday, November 19, 2010

Being Thankful

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This is the time of year that I love with Thanksgiving next Thursday, I am always reminded of all the things I am grateful for.
My strong faith in the Lord and knowing he is in total control of all and everything that is tops on my thankful list.
My husband Brian and being married for 28 years we just celebrated our anniversary on 11-13 for that I'm grateful.
My wonderful family, did I ever get lucky on that, I have the best father (90) and still a big influence in my life. My brother Rod and his family who are great.
My cousins Marty, Phillip, Aunt Marie and all my extended cousin's, I love you guys.
I am grateful for our best friends and extended family in VA Gary and Maria love you guys.
And for our good friends all over the country we are grateful for your friendship which we Cherish.
My wonderful mother and father in law who care my extended parents Ann and Rob what wonderful people and they are always there for us "kids" lol, they are true Christians and love our Lord as I do, we love you mom and dad.
I am grateful for my job at a time in this countries history with unemployment both Brian and I have good job's for that we are grateful.
I'm so grateful for all that I have, I don't worry or fret for what I don't have.
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving God Bless you all

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mixing It Up In Nascar

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I know a lot of you have your thoughts about Nascar and your very passionate about those thoughts as I once was. I'm trying to get back to my blogging and ranting and raving which I'm told you all miss.
Some good friends have some very good ideas about Nascar getting back to it's roots for which they have been lost for a very long time. I will rant about that soon, let me hear what your frustrations ect are.
Ciao for now

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome Fall

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Welcome Fall I so so love this time of season, it's the last hot blast of summers heat. The beginning of the wonderful cooler day's. I am going to full the summer Shields off the windows pull back the blinds, and open the windows for FRESH AIR and the wonderful smells of fall. I don't do much during the long HOT summer months so the closer we get to the cooler temps the more alive I become.
Now, for those of you that have E mailed me asking when I was going to start my RANTS in Nascar, as I posted on my Facebook page, I promise I will in February with the Daytona 500.
I have been remiss with my other blog obligations and I do apologize for that, but sometimes life in my very real world does take precedents. I work in a very busy Hospital ER for which I am thankful for, I have a very busy family and friends, so with that said, I will get back to my rants and I am just tickled that some of you that have followed me for through my Nascar journeys cared enough to drop me a line.
Although I am NOT NOT NOT happy about HMS and Mark Martin not making the Chase this year, when OMG let me think here, he finished a very close 2nd last year and NOW sit's 17th in the points,hmmmm let me think a sec here, that's IT!!! They need to leave Mark and crew alone, give him his engineers back and let the 88 figure out the hell is wrong with them.
I can assure you that Mark WILL be a force to recon with next year.
With that said I will say "Goodnight George, Night Gracie" lol Ciao for now

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moving Forward

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One of the things I try to do if everyday life and situations get out of focus and crazy is say "Just keep moving forward". Move away from what is keeping you down and stopping you from moving forward, it's tough right now, but I firmly believe that with the rough and tough comes rewards of calm and a positive future.
This is so true within Nascar as the Chase for the championship is about to start in 2 weeks and Mark Martin didn't make it. I have been asked how I felt about it and I laugh to myself and say "What choice do I have?" he didn't make it, they are looking to next season and are MOVING FORWARD>>>>>that way>>>>>> and looking I'm sure to figure out what the heck went wrong this year.
Was it the new wing? Tires? Who knows, but they will put there collective minds together and figure it out, starting fresh in February 2011 at Daytona.
I know that with the changes made with the 5 and 88 at the beginning of the year, which was suppose to help the 88 get on track and start at least being competitive, with the moving of the 5's engineers over to the 88, I'm thinking it didn't work.
I have always looked at life with a positive spin on everything through the good and the bad there is a reason for everything we go through, and with that, it's how we respond to life and how well handle problems, what makes us strong.
We can bitch moan and complain about whats going on with economy today and the issues of the up coming 10 year anniversary of 09-11, what good dose it do??? I feel if you/me are good people, being kind to all come in contact with, help others if needed and just LAUGH once in awhile, things would be whole lot better.
Just my thoughts
Ciao for now

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Melanie's Place: St Rose Hospital San Martin Wins

Melanie's Place: St Rose Hospital San Martin Wins

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St Rose Hospital San Martin Wins

Click on the link above to view San Martin St Rose Hospital in Las Vegas that won #6 most beautiful hospitals in the US. It's an honor to be chosen, I don't work at San Martin, I work at the main hospital St Rose Delima Henderson. Congrats to all it's good to be recognized for excellence inside and out.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Has Arrived

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Aren't those flowers beautiful? So happy looking which I love. Summer is here in the desert of Nevada, we had a heat alert last week, it got upto 112 then it's dropped to 80 lol, it's a roller coaster this time of year.
The moonsoon season will be here soon and that should prove to be very interesting.
I will be starting part time in Admitting at St Rose Hospital tomorrow the night shift, which will work good for me as I will be home 3 days. For the past year I've been working per diem which means all different hours, this will be a set schedule and I now qualify for benefits YEAH!!!!. God is so good and I thank him all the time for all that we have.
Brian has been rather sick with his stomach issue again, we are trying to find the cause to the problem and I'm hoping that will be very soon, prayers for him.
Nascar is still Nascar lol with all the changes in the past year....we have one driver Brian Vickers out the rest of the season with DVT or blood clots in his legs and lung, which is being treated. I'm sure they are trying to find the cause for his problem too. He is way to young to be inflicted with this, but with sitting in a race car in all kinds of different tempetures and with the fumes ect, that may have a lot to do with that, I'm sure we will hear the findings when available.
Have a great Flag day on Monday as I say God bless this great land we live in and Bless her always.
Ciao for now

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Is Here

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Spring has sprung here in Boulder City NV the desert flowers will be in full bloom soon and it will be breath taking, I plan on getting pictures to post.
With Spring here it's time for renewal, a fresh start, moving forward, being positive about what we all have, being grateful for the little pleasures of life like a blooming desert that for a short period of time brings joys to thousands that view the wonders of Spring.
Yes, we are all in some have been affected by the current challenges facing this country and our local areas. Layoffs have taken place at the Hospital I work at, yes, we too have felt the horrible down turn.
I thank God everyday for having a job to go to and pray for those that are going through rough times. Stay strong, look to the positive of this mess we are all in and don't lose faith, the good Lord is there and will pull us through.
On the Nascar front, they are in Phoenix this weekend I'm hoping that Mark Martins but luck and crew screw ups are over and they start there climb back to the top of the points.
That it for now, keep looking up up up and SMILE, God I promise you loves you.
Ciao for now

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vegas Baby VEGAS

Track Side With Mellie VEGAS BABY VEGAS

This is the best time of year for me as Brian and I live in one of the most popular destinations in the world. Just think, only 13 years ago, building a world class, state of art speedway which at the time, the best garages in Nascar was just a dream for the big thinker and planner Richy Cline who with his partners went against everyone's negitive thoughts about building this massive track and racing industiral plaza, and what a beautiful and now the most popular track in the world, Vegas has great fans and with California just right there>>>> lol its a win win for all. I was there before the first fan crossed thru the turn style and it was so exciting. I get chills remembering back to the morning when the WINSTON Cup cars rolled into the garage area for the first time wow that was a thrill. We had our motor home with about 5 other of our buddies in the front by the garages, so our access to all the action was right out our door lol that was just to cool.

Mark Martin won the Inaugural 1998 race and this picture is priceless and his comment after as he was leaving the track in a helicopter "I was lifting off and looked down and realized what we had accomplished and it was awesome, this will stay with me the rest of my life, what a thrill and the show girls weren't bad either" LOL

Mark won the Busch Race in his Black and Yellow Winn/Dixie #60 the day before and swept the Cup hasn't been done since YEAH!! As for this weekend, I will be there and can't wait to take in the sights, sounds omg the sounds and smell of 110 octane fuel the best lol...and I'm putting my money on the #5 Kellogg's car with that guy Mark who just keeps us all smiling and rooting for the guy that never gives up and is having the time of his life at the grand ole age of 51 YEA baby YEA LOL

Ciao for now

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nascar Is Rolling for 2010

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Welcome everyone to the 2010 Nascar season already steaming ahead. The guys are here in Vegas and this is week is the beginning of our "speed week" with all kinds of fun activities for the rabid fan to enjoy. I will be at the track starting Friday getting caught up with all my buddies, taking pictures, and getting the latest scoop on all the haps in the garage.
The picture posted is Jeff Gordon and Mark Martin teammates at Hendricks Racing sharing a moment before driver interductions last year and it's just one of my very favorite. There is a lot of buzz right about Danica Patrick now over in Nationwide running a limited schedule for 2010 with Jr Motorsports. I think she will do just fine once she gets a handle on the stock car which is totally different from the Indy Car she drives full time with Green Racing Michael Andradi, we shall see if she wants to make the change full time in the future.
Well I'm off to work ciao for now have a great week

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Look Back at Joe Namath and the NY Jets

This is a short but interesting fact on Joe I thought you all might like to read and those of you in my age group area (58) will understand how exciting it was back then :) enjoy, and if you want more info I have it lol. The Pictures I've posted are Joe today, middle is his first year with the Rams and 68.

Read on information provided from Wikipedia

[edit] Broadway Joe
[edit] 1965–69
The Jets improved steadily on the field after Joe Namath's arrival. In 1967, the former Alabama quarterback led the Jets to an 8–5–1 record, their best record yet. Namath reached a milestone by passing for 4,007 yards in 1967, a 14-game season, making him the first-ever professional quarterback to pass for 4,000 yards in a season. This was especially remarkable considering that at the time, 3,000 yards passing was considered an excellent year.
In 1968, the Jets would reach the pinnacle of their existence and provide the moment that would indicate the AFL's coming of age. Under Namath's guidance, the Jets rose to the top of the AFL, defeating the Oakland Raiders in a thrilling AFL Championship Game, 27–23, on December 29. The win qualified them to represent their league in a game that was being referred to for the first time as the Super Bowl (and referred to retroactively as Super Bowl III) on January 12, 1969. They were pitted against the champions of the NFL, the Baltimore Colts. At the time, the AFL was considered to be inferior to the NFL, and most people considered the Jets to be considerable underdogs and treated the Jets as such. That would change three nights before the game while Namath was being honored by the Miami Touchdown Club as its Player of the Year. Namath took exception to a heckling Colts fan and used that moment to lament the lack of respect his team had gotten to that point. He then said "We're gonna win the game. I guarantee you."[4] His audacious remark proved correct, as the Jets created one of the greatest upsets in football history by defeating the Colts 16–7. This victory showed that the AFL was capable of competing with the NFL. It also gave Shea Stadium the first of two World Championships teams in the 1969 calendar year , as the New York Mets won the World Series nine months later.
In the 1969 season, the Jets won a second consecutive Eastern Division title with a record of 10 wins and 4 losses. In the playoffs, they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, 13-6, at Shea Stadium on December 20.
[edit] 1970–76
Namath's career mirrored the Jets after the AFL-NFL merger became final in 1970. He missed much of the 1970, 1971, and 1973 seasons due to injuries, most notably to his ravaged knees, which robbed him of his mobility and much of his effectiveness. He would not throw more touchdowns than interceptions in a season after the merger, and in fact only had two post-merger seasons (1972 and 1974) where his performance could have been classified as reasonably successful (the Jets also had relative success in those years as well, finishing 7–7 both years). After a terrible 1976 season in which Namath only threw 4 touchdown passes against 16 interceptions (six of them in a 38–24 loss to the New England Patriots) in 11 games, Namath was waived by the Jets when a trade couldn't be worked out to facilitate his move to the Los Angeles Rams. He would play only four games for the Rams before announcing his retirement at the end of the season, at the relatively young age of 34. Although Namath would make the Hall of Fame, it was widely acknowledged that he made it on his performance through the 1969 season and his role in leading the Jets to a victory in Super Bowl III.
[edit] Post Joe Namath

It's John Hadl lol read on

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I found it the QB for the SD Chargers in 68 was John Hadl he played with them from 1962 taking over or Jack Kemp to 1972. Now I can sleep lol
Ciao for now

OOOPS Correction on last post

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Ooops my bad I wrote that Daryle Lamonica was the QB back in the 60's for the San Diego Chargers I was wrong, he was with the Oakland Raiders and I'm trying to find out who was the QB then, when I do I'll post his name.
Congrats to the NY Jets YEAH on beating the SD Chargers ( I know I know I'm from there) how in the world could I root for a team other than the Chargers as my mother in law asked me tonight as I shared with her I will share with you.
Back in the late 60's when the Jets were only 4 years old and they had this darling, good looking, long haired, young thing, named JOE Namath leading the charge for the AFL's first possible super bid, I became as a very young girl, enamored with this young man lol all of 15 I think. I had the very special opportunity to get to know Joe and the Jet's though my fathers many associations with the team over his years as a pilot.
I have kept in touch with him all through the years and am very proud of all he did for football in general. That was a completely different time....there were no cell phone, computers, and Nascar wasn't even a blip on the sports scene. It was football, baseball and apply pie it was a time when men were gentlemen and women were ladies.
There was a value system instilled of God, home, family and football and in that I'm sorry to say, we have gotten away from God, home is scattered as is the family and football isn't the football I used to be rabid for.
Wow, where did that come from??? lol just my usual rants I guess, but it's true. It would be so nice to see this wonderful country get back to the basics of Nascar, football and apple pie.
Ciao for now as I go on the hunt for the name of the QB of the SD Chargers in 68 that gave the Jets such grief.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Prayers For Haiti

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As we get ready for the 2010 Nascar season at Daytona for Speed weeks which start in Feb, there is going to be competition from Canada's 2010 Winter Olympics and to top it off will be the one and only super bowl OMG lol......and my NY Jets have a good shot at making it, they are playing San Diego and I can see Joe Namath and Darrel Lamonica cheering there teams on as they did when they both lead there teams 42 years ago the Jets won SB III which was a shocker as most of the country thought Joe was nothing more than a good looking, playboy who could throw a ball and throw he did right into the record books and hall of fame.
Darrel Lamonica is one sweet man, never flashy like Joe just a true athlete who make San Diego proud so may the best team win. GO Jets LOL
I'm feeling the excitement building with all this great stuff getting ready to start have a great weekend
Ciao for now