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Sunday, September 21, 2014

On Tony Stewart

The very shocking ruling came down today that the DA in the Tony Stewart case involving a death at a east coast short dirt track, is being handed over to the local grand jury.
It seems to me that the local PD did their investigation very thoroughly and decided they didn't want to be the one's to announce case or no case, so they handed the HOT case over to the DA which took their sweet time of say yea or nae and they decided to had the HOT case over to the Grand Jury NY.
I am stunned it's escalated to this stage to be honest, but when I look at the bloody feeding frenzy the Media has just day's after the ACCIDENT, I'm not surprised Tony has been tried and convicted in the press.
And to the uninformed non racing people who have no idea what happened, who weren't at the track when the accident happened, spuing their no sense opinion on a subject they know nothing about, but isn't that the way it is today???? 
Tony is NOT guilty of manslaughter or anything else it was a terrible racing accident which was cause my a driver after he decided he would get out of his race car to show he's not happy with Tony about whatever it was he was upset about.  The first rule in racing is you do not ever get out of you car on a race tracking after a accident until the safety team as arrived and secures the area around the car, period.
I'm very sad this young man died, and for the untold grief his family is going through right now. I'm also very sad for Tony who is a very good man and wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone, he's a race car driver.
Those are my thoughts on a very emotionally charged situation right and that's all I have to share on this very sad subject.

Starting Fresh With the Beginning of Fall

It's been almost a year since I posted it's amazing to see how time flew this in 2014 here we are at the end of September and it feels like I just finished my last post, oh well, moving on to Fresh Starts. 
It doesn't need to be the beginning of a new year to start Fresh and make changes, that will happen all year as I am learning.
I haven't been myself for a long while and I had to take this journey I've been on the last 2 years to get here, today feeling FRESH feeling like Melanie is finally taking control, and starting to get back into my groove.
I'm here to say that it's rough in our world today but like the Lord has taught us we are to lay all our concerns at his feet and trust in him, for he will take us where we are suppose to be. 
With that said, I'm going to spruce up my webpage to fit me, I'm going to be focusing on what matters to me, not to anyone elce.  I would hope that you will find meaning and maybe a idea or two. 
I love cooking so I will be posting some yummy receipies and I'm going to ask my close friends to also post here.
I love NASCAR and of course I will rant on that subject when the need arises lol which may start today, I'm speaking of the Tony Stewart situation.
So, there you have it, I know I've lost followers I'm hoping others will join me in my Fresh Start as we start into Fall, my very fav time of the year.
God Bless you all and ciao for now

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy 2014

2013 was a very stressful year to start with Brian had issues with his job..Daddy at the age of 93 was starting to decline which I saw coming...and I was stuck in the middle of both trying to maintain a calm and functioning home.
My work was stressful, we had layoffs which was very hard on everyone.  My good friend Jimmy was laid off in Feb 13 and it really rocked the whole department. 
I kept moving forward keeping my heart open to the Lord who gave me the strength to keep my head on straight.
At the end of Aug. daddy was admitted to Boulder City Hospital with a nasty UTI (urinary tract infection) with medication that was clearing up and the journey began for him.
A few days into Sept. I found myself at the hospital with daddy he had entered the world of Dementia and was wanting to go home to the Lord and mother.
 On 11-04-13 daddy went home very peacefully and it was such a relief that his struggle to hang on had come to an end.
Today my nieces' husband Todd went to the Lord after suffering with Luekemia for over 5yrs.  I know this is a tough time for her but she has strong family support.
Have a good day and don't forget to tell your family how much you love them.
Ciao for now

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just For The Record

From Track Side with Melli

Just for the record on my comments tonight on Twitter pointing out the Nascar and or Fox Sports got the 4 race segment finishing positions of the drivers incorrect.
I was not pointing fingers or trying to make anyone look silly or stupid, I simply mentioned that the ave finishing position of Jimmy Johnson #48 was not 4th. 
It would have been around 10th or so not 4th is all I was saying and it wasn't caught. 
When a mistake is made it needs to be acknowledged and use as a learning tool for next year so it doesn't happen again.
If your going to start something new make sure everyone including the media covering the race and all the teams know exactly who's on first.
That's all there is to that and it's kinda of funny I got so much attention it was even mentioned on the after show on Fox. lol
Ciao for and I will be back soon

Big Racing Day Indy and Nascar

This has been an all racing day to start it was Indy Pole day for the then Indy 500 next weekend.
In Memory Of Dan Weldon
The picture here is of the late Indy Car driver Dan Weldon. 
Now, for tonight it's Nascar's All Star Race or dash for a million in cash.  It's the craziest race of the year but so much fun. 
It's mash it son mash it's just balls to the wall to the end for alllll that cash.
Next weekend we will be celebrating Memorial Day and all our troops.  The Coca Cola 600 (which should be shortened by 100 laps) is the longest and toughest on the drivers.  It's a hot, long, grueling race at night.

This is a Nascar picture of which I don't know which track it is lol I wanted my Charlotte
Have a great weekend.
Ciao for now

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Nascar 2013 Season Begins

The Racing season has begun today's race in the Phx AZ.

The Nascar 2013 season is under way it should be a action packed season to say the least.
We have Mark Martin on the pole for the umpteenth time over his very long and storied racing career, WTG Mark it just shows that being over the big 50 isn't the retirement age it's just beginning of our 2nd journey in life and I love it.
The race next weekend will be in Las Vegas NV, which I will be at most of the weekend.
There is such energy that fills the valley when Cup is here its hard to explain you just need to be here to experience it.
Well, the green flag is about to drop and need to get going Ciao for now

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Brian and I send our prayers out to all folks who have been affected by the super storm thank you to all the EMS Coast Guard police fire and rescue and the Red Cross who are working around the clock helping those in need right now. 
I can't get my head around this disaster it's overwhelming God bless