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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Never Forget

I've written thousands of thoughts on the effect 9/11had on me my family and friends. I know some who lost loved ones in the towers I pray daily for them. Yes it's been 10yrs but it feels like yesterday we are a strong Nation under God we have moved forward the new tower is half way finished it's going to be beautiful.
The memorial sits between the footprints of the original towers with 2 trident steel beams that survived the ruble of the collapse was built around them it's breathtaking.
The 2 pix I've posted are from the day of the opening
Ciao for now
Just to update you on my eye's healing nicely with the new medication.  I'm going to a new eye specialist who seems to care about getting my eye back to as normal as possible, thank God. 
I know that if I hadn't stopped everything back at the 1st part of Aug things could have turned out much differently, but the Lord took over and I'm on the mend. 
I love it that I can sit here writing my thoughts and rants and SEE what I'm doing lol life is good. 
I have several rants that I need to put out there today about the Nascar Chase about the wonderful 9-11 weekend of memorials and tributes which was breathtaking. 
I need to share about my life on Twitter lol it's been interesting to say the least and the comments made by some in the print media is again, interesting lol I will go into that later. 
But first and foremost I want to thank you all who have had in my prayers for healing, it's working as it always does.  I feel like my sas is coming back and when it does you will know it lol.
Ciao for now I need to get dinner started....I will be back LOL