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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Wedding Chapel

This is a picture of the Candlelight Wedding Chapel where Brian and I were married 11-13-1982 in Las Vegas NV. This pretty little chapel was moved to the Las Vegas Historical Museum in Henderson NV. When Brian showed me the article I was swept back to that weekend we were married, what fun we all had. the area now is as you all know grown beyond anyone's wildest imaginations. It was a small town, with nice hotel/casinos with wide open spaces, not like it is today. We all stayed at the Hilton and when I say all I mean all 22 of our friends and family that dove to Vegas to share in our day and what fun we had.
The Candlelight will be rededicated on 11-14 (my birthday) our 27th anniversary is the 13th and Brians 50th Birthday is the 16th WOW what a great weekend it's going to be.
I am planning a small get together with our friends and family to celebrate our anniversary and the Chapel's re dedication.
I will post more pictures soon
Ciao for now

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