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Friday, October 23, 2009

STOP!!!! Windows 7 May Not Be For Your System

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Our good friends in Norfolk Va Gary and Maria have always been the *go to* couple for good advice and visa verse, so today I called Gary (lol he loves my calls) and asked him what he thought of MS 7, and what I learned surprised me, but made sense after we talked. I was all excited about up grading my home system until he said that he wasn't for mine as I don't have Vista, I have just XP Home :( I was bummed but I'm very happy with my system.
Now, what Gary shared was that a friend of his has test MS7 on several PC's and found that it's a great up grade for Vista (which was a nightmare for MS) 7 is like a HUGE patch for all the problems Vista presented.
Gary went on to explain that my printer may not work and most of my files will be moved and finding them would be rather challenging lol and I just don't do computer challenges, nope, nada lol.
So folks all my buddies, family do NOT upgrade to MS7 if you DON'T have Vista and THANK YOU Gary for that very very important information.
I'm SO GLAD I called him and asked what he thought and as usual he lead me in the right direction.
Have a great weekend, we are off to Martinsville for the Cup race this weekend just 5 races left and it's anyones chase and Jimmys to lose (Pleaseeeeeee lol)
Let me know your thoughts on this as Gary follows my blog and feel free to leave questions for him to answer.


Melli said...

I updated this post after taking with Gary I missed spoke when I said not to upgrade to MS7 if you have XP Vista, It's for VISTA only. Again, thanks Gary for all you helpful hints

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