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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Vacation Pictures 12-2009 Reno/Mammoth

Our vacation this year was a short 5 days to Reno Nv and Mammoth Ca, two of our favorite place to go and just relax and get away from the fast pace of our lives. We left on Sunday 12/13 it was cold 29 and for us that is the time we got to Tonapah NV about 4 hrs out the road where icy and covered with snow and ice, but once we got out and down the mountain area it cleared up and the trip was nice.
We stay at the Peppermill in Reno which is a really nice hotel. They just built on a new tower called Tuscany which I was thrilled as it looked just like Italy it was beautiful, our suite was very nice and comfy for relaxing with a hot tub the size of New York lol (hmmm) anyway it was great.
We enjoyed a day at the spa which is one of the best we have been to we had a couples massage which was wonderful, I highly recommend the Peppermill for those of you looking for a good place to stay when in Reno.
Then it was onto Mammoth, my all time from childhood favorite place of the face of the planet. There is just something mystic about Mammoth Mountain, which I have know since I was a baby. My family spent every summer from the time I can remember vacationing at June lake or lake Mary or the Twin Lakes. My wonderful cousin Marty has a condo in Snow Creek which we stay when there and it's GREAT....surrounded by the High Sierras is breath taking. I think I could live there maybe lol it's that beautiful.
This is one place I highly suggest to those of you looking for a new place to go if you haven't been to Mammoth its worth the 1/2 day drive from So. Calif.
Hope you enjoyed my vacation update.
Ciao for now


crawboats said...

So this is the place that you were driving 150MPH+ that chipped your paint job all up>

Melli said...

LOL Gary you do crack me up