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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Wedding Chapel

This is a picture of the Candlelight Wedding Chapel where Brian and I were married 11-13-1982 in Las Vegas NV. This pretty little chapel was moved to the Las Vegas Historical Museum in Henderson NV. When Brian showed me the article I was swept back to that weekend we were married, what fun we all had. the area now is as you all know grown beyond anyone's wildest imaginations. It was a small town, with nice hotel/casinos with wide open spaces, not like it is today. We all stayed at the Hilton and when I say all I mean all 22 of our friends and family that dove to Vegas to share in our day and what fun we had.
The Candlelight will be rededicated on 11-14 (my birthday) our 27th anniversary is the 13th and Brians 50th Birthday is the 16th WOW what a great weekend it's going to be.
I am planning a small get together with our friends and family to celebrate our anniversary and the Chapel's re dedication.
I will post more pictures soon
Ciao for now

Friday, September 11, 2009

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
It's been 8 years since that horrific day 09-11-01 and one that we should never, ever forget. We have a wonderful country the grand USA to live, we have the freedom the what we want. We have gotten complacent again, our guard is down the timing is right to catch us off guard again, it's going to happen I don't want to think it or say it, there are those that want to see this country destroyed and will stop at nothing to make it happen namely BIN LAUDEN did we forget what he did 8 years ago? We can't forget the images of that day, if we do God help us all. We are not paying attention due the CRAP with economy that's what the terrorist want, they want us all distracted.
I pray that our sweet Lord with protect us all and help us get this precious country back on track which is * IN GOD WE TRUST *.
God bless the loved ones and all of us that are still mourning the massive loss of life on that normal Tuesday back on 09-11-01, let's not repeat history.
Ciao for now