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Sunday, January 17, 2010

OOOPS Correction on last post

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Ooops my bad I wrote that Daryle Lamonica was the QB back in the 60's for the San Diego Chargers I was wrong, he was with the Oakland Raiders and I'm trying to find out who was the QB then, when I do I'll post his name.
Congrats to the NY Jets YEAH on beating the SD Chargers ( I know I know I'm from there) how in the world could I root for a team other than the Chargers as my mother in law asked me tonight as I shared with her I will share with you.
Back in the late 60's when the Jets were only 4 years old and they had this darling, good looking, long haired, young thing, named JOE Namath leading the charge for the AFL's first possible super bid, I became as a very young girl, enamored with this young man lol all of 15 I think. I had the very special opportunity to get to know Joe and the Jet's though my fathers many associations with the team over his years as a pilot.
I have kept in touch with him all through the years and am very proud of all he did for football in general. That was a completely different time....there were no cell phone, computers, and Nascar wasn't even a blip on the sports scene. It was football, baseball and apply pie it was a time when men were gentlemen and women were ladies.
There was a value system instilled of God, home, family and football and in that I'm sorry to say, we have gotten away from God, home is scattered as is the family and football isn't the football I used to be rabid for.
Wow, where did that come from??? lol just my usual rants I guess, but it's true. It would be so nice to see this wonderful country get back to the basics of Nascar, football and apple pie.
Ciao for now as I go on the hunt for the name of the QB of the SD Chargers in 68 that gave the Jets such grief.

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