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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Has Arrived

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff

Aren't those flowers beautiful? So happy looking which I love. Summer is here in the desert of Nevada, we had a heat alert last week, it got upto 112 then it's dropped to 80 lol, it's a roller coaster this time of year.
The moonsoon season will be here soon and that should prove to be very interesting.
I will be starting part time in Admitting at St Rose Hospital tomorrow the night shift, which will work good for me as I will be home 3 days. For the past year I've been working per diem which means all different hours, this will be a set schedule and I now qualify for benefits YEAH!!!!. God is so good and I thank him all the time for all that we have.
Brian has been rather sick with his stomach issue again, we are trying to find the cause to the problem and I'm hoping that will be very soon, prayers for him.
Nascar is still Nascar lol with all the changes in the past year....we have one driver Brian Vickers out the rest of the season with DVT or blood clots in his legs and lung, which is being treated. I'm sure they are trying to find the cause for his problem too. He is way to young to be inflicted with this, but with sitting in a race car in all kinds of different tempetures and with the fumes ect, that may have a lot to do with that, I'm sure we will hear the findings when available.
Have a great Flag day on Monday as I say God bless this great land we live in and Bless her always.
Ciao for now

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