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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just to update you on my eye's healing nicely with the new medication.  I'm going to a new eye specialist who seems to care about getting my eye back to as normal as possible, thank God. 
I know that if I hadn't stopped everything back at the 1st part of Aug things could have turned out much differently, but the Lord took over and I'm on the mend. 
I love it that I can sit here writing my thoughts and rants and SEE what I'm doing lol life is good. 
I have several rants that I need to put out there today about the Nascar Chase about the wonderful 9-11 weekend of memorials and tributes which was breathtaking. 
I need to share about my life on Twitter lol it's been interesting to say the least and the comments made by some in the print media is again, interesting lol I will go into that later. 
But first and foremost I want to thank you all who have had in my prayers for healing, it's working as it always does.  I feel like my sas is coming back and when it does you will know it lol.
Ciao for now I need to get dinner started....I will be back LOL

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