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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Don't Worry Its All Good

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
Don't worry it's all good let me tell you why!!! I have a great job working in a great hospital with a great staff.
I gave a great husband Brian who after 29 is my best friend he still makes my heart swell when Im with him and miss him when he's gone.
My father Jerry 91 is doing good for a guy his age he is an amazing man whos had an amazing life Im very lucky that I still have my dad around.
I have wonderful in laws Ann and Rob they have always treated me like there real daughter what a blessing they are.
Although I live away from the one place on planet earth Orange County and the beach, I love living in the small town of Boulder's the lil town that built the 7th wonder of the world Boulder Dam, I love being away from the insane Vegas.
It's all GOOD
Today was the first day of testing at Dayton seems Hendricks cars all did well, I'm not really thrilled about racing as I once was guess thats what happens when you get old like me lol. I miss Mark in the 5 and I know I'm going to draw the IRE of some, but Kasey Kahne just doesnt fit there he really doesn't fit anywhere.
This isn't personal but with years of watching drivers work/driver their asses off and attain top status in cup Kasey has not done so, In my humble openion.
Kasey didn't do much with his last team, and he only gets up on the wheel when he needs to impress, that my dear friends has don't happend to me lol
Mark my words on this and watch the 5 this and tell me that Mr. Hendrick made a mistake.
Ciao for now hugs

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