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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Race To The Chase (Nascar)

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
The Chase for the Sprint Cup Championship is just about to begin, there are only 4 races left until the top 12 start the mad dash for cash and the big trophy which ends the 2nd week of Nov. baring any canceled races which has happened in the past.
The usual suspects are in the top tier right now and my guy Mark Martin is in 12th after the HUGE mistake on the fuel calculation he ran out with 2 laps tg (to go) as did Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy could afford the hit, but Mark couldn't and he's now on the brink of falling out of the top 12.
I know that he follows my blog so I'm going to be positive and look on the bright side, and the only was to go now is UP we have to go UP UP UP ^ ^ ^ ^. Bristol is this Sunday and he hasn't been to this track since 2006 his last full time year, before he went part time for 2 years, so...he needs to just finish that sucker in one piece and in the top ten. I have a felling this will be a good weekend for him.
Once again I am going to do my yearly rant on the Chase....IT SUCKS!!!!!! Just let them ALL race until the end and may the best car/driver/crew win the big prize. But Brian France being who he is will never change this format, he thinks it's great for us the fans. I don't remember him asking me what my feelings were about it, but he now knows my feelings lol, which I have shared with him on more than one occasion while they where here in Vegas.
It's good to see Jr finally hitting his stride and getting in his racing groove, I think he will be just fine. He has had a lot on his shoulders for many years, I have a feeling the dark cloud is gone and Jr will be a force to deal with in the future.
Now for the HOT WEATHER here in Boulder City, yep its still HOT lol and will be for the next 6 weeks UGH!!!!!
Brian is all healed and is ready to get back to work, he really needs to get back to work trust me on this he REALLY needs to get back to work LOL and you all know what I mean.
That my rant for today let me know if you agree about the Chase!!
Ciao for now

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