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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Update On Me As Requested

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
As requested I will update you on my new job at St. Rose Hospital DeLima Henderson NV...I work per diem (on call and fill in for open hours) in Admitting which includes the ER. To be very honest being back in the ER was a shock to my system as I've been in the back ground for many years either in management or administrative.
When I was laid off from the local hospital I was devastated and very frightened that I wouldn't be able to get another job with the way the economy had crashed, but with a lot of faith and prayer I was hired within 3 months and started my new job June 1st I was and am thrilled to be working back in a Catholic environment.
I had to get back into my *go* mode which is not stopping from the time you hit the door of the ER until the shift if over. I was a little overwhelmed at first but I soon found myself back in the *groove* responding to codes ect like back in the *old* days.
The pay is good, but you work for your money today, with the high unemployment, and uninsured patients, we are so busy due to the fact that we see everyone regardless of the ability to pay. Most hospitals do, but the care at St. Rose is hands down the best in the state which I'm very proud to be a part of.
I'm hoping for a permanent position soon, there is one opening up sometime either this month or Sept. which I've been asked to bid for. YEAH!!! God is good, he answered my prayers and continues too daily.
As for my outside interest, my husband Brian and I love to travel, spend time with friends, and love Nascar and have for years. I grew up with motor heads in the family, fast cars were the norm, including my mother who had a LEAD foot.
My brother Rodney was and still is at 60 something lol a speed FREAK and Will only drive FORDS. I love to listen to him complain about Chevy blah blah blah, if it's built in this sweet country then I love it. We drive Chevy's LOL we have owned them all from Vettes to what we drive now Caddy for me and Avalanche for Brian, also in our barn is the 2002 Dale Earnhardt Monte Carlo which came out right after he passed away in 2001, we plan on keeping it.
I love writing my rants here and over at, I am also on Twitter and why I did that I will never know LOL.
Well that's the update on me and thanks for asking :)
Ciao for now

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