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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nascar Is Rolling for 2010

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff!
Welcome everyone to the 2010 Nascar season already steaming ahead. The guys are here in Vegas and this is week is the beginning of our "speed week" with all kinds of fun activities for the rabid fan to enjoy. I will be at the track starting Friday getting caught up with all my buddies, taking pictures, and getting the latest scoop on all the haps in the garage.
The picture posted is Jeff Gordon and Mark Martin teammates at Hendricks Racing sharing a moment before driver interductions last year and it's just one of my very favorite. There is a lot of buzz right about Danica Patrick now over in Nationwide running a limited schedule for 2010 with Jr Motorsports. I think she will do just fine once she gets a handle on the stock car which is totally different from the Indy Car she drives full time with Green Racing Michael Andradi, we shall see if she wants to make the change full time in the future.
Well I'm off to work ciao for now have a great week


crawboats said...

Mel, not to be picky but last year at this time Mr. Gordon had a lot of gray in his side burns (one can only assume the better half bought him some Just for Men Hair color), and Mr. Martin was not driving for GoDaddy.. So I would say that is a newer than last year picture.. Just pointing out the obvious. Love Ya

Melli said...

LOL I went back and looked and that was taken late last year Mark drove a limited number of races with GoDaddy, they have only started this season Mr. Gary and as for Jeff hair color LMAOOOO I have not a clue if he uses hair color for MEN but I'm sure only his hair dresser knows for sure.
So there