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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vegas Baby VEGAS

Track Side With Mellie VEGAS BABY VEGAS

This is the best time of year for me as Brian and I live in one of the most popular destinations in the world. Just think, only 13 years ago, building a world class, state of art speedway which at the time, the best garages in Nascar was just a dream for the big thinker and planner Richy Cline who with his partners went against everyone's negitive thoughts about building this massive track and racing industiral plaza, and what a beautiful and now the most popular track in the world, Vegas has great fans and with California just right there>>>> lol its a win win for all. I was there before the first fan crossed thru the turn style and it was so exciting. I get chills remembering back to the morning when the WINSTON Cup cars rolled into the garage area for the first time wow that was a thrill. We had our motor home with about 5 other of our buddies in the front by the garages, so our access to all the action was right out our door lol that was just to cool.

Mark Martin won the Inaugural 1998 race and this picture is priceless and his comment after as he was leaving the track in a helicopter "I was lifting off and looked down and realized what we had accomplished and it was awesome, this will stay with me the rest of my life, what a thrill and the show girls weren't bad either" LOL

Mark won the Busch Race in his Black and Yellow Winn/Dixie #60 the day before and swept the Cup hasn't been done since YEAH!! As for this weekend, I will be there and can't wait to take in the sights, sounds omg the sounds and smell of 110 octane fuel the best lol...and I'm putting my money on the #5 Kellogg's car with that guy Mark who just keeps us all smiling and rooting for the guy that never gives up and is having the time of his life at the grand ole age of 51 YEA baby YEA LOL

Ciao for now

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