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Saturday, February 18, 2012

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
Good Morning, happy Saturday to you all....I love the weekends even though I have to work them it's still my fav time of the week. 
Please check out the link I've posted The Pioneer Woman it's one of my very fav's Ree Drummond is the blogger and has a show on Saturday on the Food Net Work it's a great show which I look forward to every Saturday.
On Nascar, it's day 2 of practice today is for the 500, lots of changes and they are shaking the cars down.  The changes are EFI instead of carburetors, bigger plates for the plate tracks and deck lid wing changes. 
It's been challenging for some teams but with this time to test so to speak they will get it. 
Wondering how Jach Roush is dealing with no more CARBS!!! We shall see, Fords are looking very strong, stay tuned.
Have a wonderful weekend, and check out Pioneer Woman's link you'll enjoy it.
Ciao for now

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