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Thursday, February 23, 2012

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
The Twin Gatorade 125s is over with the field set for the Daytona 500 set for Sunday 02-26.  It was the first time I've sat and watched the entire race to see who is going to make the Great American Race. 
There was the usual wrecks, but the one that was bad was rookie Danica Patrick got tagged and went flying off the track hit the safer barrier thank GOD and walked away.
I'm sure she had her beg rung, going 190 to 0 in seconds hurts and hurts alot, but with all the safety surrounding NASCAR drivers she is sore but good.
I've had a good week, had a bout of the 24hr flu got hit by a MAC truck but now good. 
I'm wondering when something is going to be done about the out of control gas prices AGAIN!!! Washington doesn't get it....I don't care about a singing President I care about the millions of people out of work and those that are working but on fixed incomes now being faces with this added expense including myself.
Who am I and other making Billionaires with CRAP??? It's time that the good American Folks raise up and YELL "WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE ANYMORE".
That is from a one my favorite movies Network Albert Finney got it right and I think it fits all of us today. 
Thanks for letting me rant, have a great evening
Ciao for now

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