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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just For The Record

From Track Side with Melli

Just for the record on my comments tonight on Twitter pointing out the Nascar and or Fox Sports got the 4 race segment finishing positions of the drivers incorrect.
I was not pointing fingers or trying to make anyone look silly or stupid, I simply mentioned that the ave finishing position of Jimmy Johnson #48 was not 4th. 
It would have been around 10th or so not 4th is all I was saying and it wasn't caught. 
When a mistake is made it needs to be acknowledged and use as a learning tool for next year so it doesn't happen again.
If your going to start something new make sure everyone including the media covering the race and all the teams know exactly who's on first.
That's all there is to that and it's kinda of funny I got so much attention it was even mentioned on the after show on Fox. lol
Ciao for and I will be back soon

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