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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Big Racing Day Indy and Nascar

This has been an all racing day to start it was Indy Pole day for the then Indy 500 next weekend.
In Memory Of Dan Weldon
The picture here is of the late Indy Car driver Dan Weldon. 
Now, for tonight it's Nascar's All Star Race or dash for a million in cash.  It's the craziest race of the year but so much fun. 
It's mash it son mash it's just balls to the wall to the end for alllll that cash.
Next weekend we will be celebrating Memorial Day and all our troops.  The Coca Cola 600 (which should be shortened by 100 laps) is the longest and toughest on the drivers.  It's a hot, long, grueling race at night.

This is a Nascar picture of which I don't know which track it is lol I wanted my Charlotte
Have a great weekend.
Ciao for now

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