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Sunday, September 21, 2014

On Tony Stewart

The very shocking ruling came down today that the DA in the Tony Stewart case involving a death at a east coast short dirt track, is being handed over to the local grand jury.
It seems to me that the local PD did their investigation very thoroughly and decided they didn't want to be the one's to announce case or no case, so they handed the HOT case over to the DA which took their sweet time of say yea or nae and they decided to had the HOT case over to the Grand Jury NY.
I am stunned it's escalated to this stage to be honest, but when I look at the bloody feeding frenzy the Media has just day's after the ACCIDENT, I'm not surprised Tony has been tried and convicted in the press.
And to the uninformed non racing people who have no idea what happened, who weren't at the track when the accident happened, spuing their no sense opinion on a subject they know nothing about, but isn't that the way it is today???? 
Tony is NOT guilty of manslaughter or anything else it was a terrible racing accident which was cause my a driver after he decided he would get out of his race car to show he's not happy with Tony about whatever it was he was upset about.  The first rule in racing is you do not ever get out of you car on a race tracking after a accident until the safety team as arrived and secures the area around the car, period.
I'm very sad this young man died, and for the untold grief his family is going through right now. I'm also very sad for Tony who is a very good man and wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone, he's a race car driver.
Those are my thoughts on a very emotionally charged situation right and that's all I have to share on this very sad subject.

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