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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Starting Fresh With the Beginning of Fall

It's been almost a year since I posted it's amazing to see how time flew this in 2014 here we are at the end of September and it feels like I just finished my last post, oh well, moving on to Fresh Starts. 
It doesn't need to be the beginning of a new year to start Fresh and make changes, that will happen all year as I am learning.
I haven't been myself for a long while and I had to take this journey I've been on the last 2 years to get here, today feeling FRESH feeling like Melanie is finally taking control, and starting to get back into my groove.
I'm here to say that it's rough in our world today but like the Lord has taught us we are to lay all our concerns at his feet and trust in him, for he will take us where we are suppose to be. 
With that said, I'm going to spruce up my webpage to fit me, I'm going to be focusing on what matters to me, not to anyone elce.  I would hope that you will find meaning and maybe a idea or two. 
I love cooking so I will be posting some yummy receipies and I'm going to ask my close friends to also post here.
I love NASCAR and of course I will rant on that subject when the need arises lol which may start today, I'm speaking of the Tony Stewart situation.
So, there you have it, I know I've lost followers I'm hoping others will join me in my Fresh Start as we start into Fall, my very fav time of the year.
God Bless you all and ciao for now

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