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Sunday, July 12, 2009

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff

Here we are again for the 4th time this year with Mark Martin #5 Hendrick Motorsports it just amazing to me to watch Mark after 30 years have a year like he's having. Last night he won at Chicagoland win #4 and is back in 11th in the points. That is what I'm having a hard time getting my head around, the compitation in Nascar today is so stiff which shows with Mark only coming up 2 spots after a win.
He's not a shoe in for the chase, not yet, remember what happend to Kasey Kahane 2 years ago? He won 6 races in 07 and didn't make the chase due to him being inconsistant the last 10 races to the chase, thats why you see the top 12 not top 10 because of all the outrage he wasn't in the chase with 6 wins.
It doesn't matter how many wins you have, if your team isn't spot on, hitting all their marks during the race, the engine shop spot on with the power plants, and all the planets alligned, there isn't any guarentee the team will make the chase.
I'm excited for Mark and crew, but for now until the end of this season they can't miss, its spot on time...Mark is driving better than I've seen in along time. Thats due to him being happy and having fun. Mark is not a points driver, he races to win every race, and if that puts up in the top tier then so be the points as he said last night.
I couldn't watch the entrie race just the last 60 as I was working in the ER, but LOL Dr. Clark has the flat screen tunned to the race so it was hard NOT to watch and I could see Mark was almost lapping the field, I didn't watch not wanting to jinx his run.
Then...our best friend in Norfolk GARYYYYY was texting me a blow by blow LOL which was hard to focus on my work, but I did and all was well when I got home.
We went to dinner at Sunset Station when Mark crossed the finish line man o man was there a HUGE cheer from just about everyone by the sports bar LOL.
Let's just see if Mark/Crew can keep up this momintem I bet he can :)
Ciao for now

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