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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Birthday American May God Bless You and US...this is one of the greatest places to live. To be free FREE to believe what we want to worship where we want. This country for 100+ years has fought hard to stay free under GOD and will continue the fight for freedom.
The picture of the our nations flag stirs such proud emotions, tears and a smile knowing that I live on the best part of this wonderful planet called Mother Earth.
The beautiful face of the Eagle is the national symbol of strength and also the shadow of fear for those that have harmed her and continue to try and harm her, she will NOT let that happen, and if it does, there will be retubution.
This picture I got right after 09-11-01, let's us not for a second forget that horrible day, let the memories linger to be the constant reminder we can never has a United Nation let our guard down, never ever again will that happen.
There has been enough blood shed over that last 100 years on our own shores and it's time to stand United under God and protect what is ALL of our FREEDOM.
Some today are trying to take that away, but it will not happen....just look at the Flag, the Eagle, and God's almight hand protecting us, what a wonderful feeling.
Thank you Dear Dear Flag for what you stand for thank you for OUR FREEDOM.

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