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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Joey Lagano Win 1st Race at NHIS

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<Lagano and Tony Stewart ct of is just to cool. Joey being one of the youngest driver at (19) to win a cup race. Even though it was a rain win, it's a win and they will take it anyway they can get it. Tony was as proud of punch to see the kid get the win and was one of the first in the winners circle to congratulate him. They Mark Martin came by to give the kid who he discovered 5 years ago while racing in quarter midgets, with his own son Matt. Mark said way way back then that Lagano was going to be the best driver Nascar has seen since Dale E and Gordon, time will tell. Lets see if he can take the checkers on dry asphalt, I'm sure it's coming.
Mark is still in 11th by a mere 3 points, it's time for the #5 Chevy Crew to step it up, it's crunch time boys, it would be a heart breaker for Mark and team if he didn't make the chase after winning 3 races to date. If Mark makes the Chase and I'm sure he will, Kyle and Mark will share the top spot I think not sure, I will look into that. It was good race all in all, I did notice the thinning crowds, I'm sure it's due to millions of folks being out of work, but Nascar will (I hope) grow even stronger as the tracks in the circuit are lower the prices which makes sense.
Not going there about Kyle, nope not gonna do it, it just gets me red headed lol.
I'm trying to stay cool as it got to 107 here in Boulder City NV today (UGH) and don't ask why are we living in the desert if I don't heat!! WORK lol 16yrs ago when the bottom fell out of the California economy I was laid off from a large Catholic Hospital in Orange lol I was offered a job here in BC took it, four months later I was laid off, I could go on, that's why we are here...Brian has a very good secure job with his company, so here we stay.
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