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Friday, June 12, 2009

And Another Thing!!!!!

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
The pressure is on several teams to kick it up about 10 notches, Kevin Harvick is one of them...that team hasn't been able to get going this year and the points time clock is ticking before the Chase starts in Oct. it will be here quicker than we think. I could hear the frustration in Kevin's voice tonight when he was interviewed on Track side Live.
Mark Martin in one point (1) out of 12th which he slipped to after last weeks race at Pocono, what a disappointment, running in the top 10 most of the day and to lose the car at the end is what kills your chances at the Championship, the #5 crew needs to really kick it up too, its show time, they need to be spot on until the chase starts and on if he's got a chance to win the Cup.
The other stuff to my rant......What about Ms. Calif being dethroned for her personal thoughts on gay marriage????? She has every right to voice her opinion and the last time I looked we live in the United States of AMERICA which spells FREEDOM to express our thoughts, but I guess that's not the case with the Ms. USA folks aka the Donald.
Seems to me that this country is tilting to the far left and those of us on the right or the Christian Conservative are being punished for our personal opinions?????? Hmmm, that's like the folks who live in Russia, China and other communist countries, not here.
Sara Palin spoke up today with Matt Lauer on the Today Show about her feelings about the joke David Letterman made about something to do with statuary rape, which really hit a cord with her, and she has EVERY right to voice her concerns about the message a jokes sends out on a very violent act.
I agree, it's good for the goose but apparently not good for the I have said before we are on a crash course to hell if we don't wake up and start acting like the true Americans we are and get back to the values this country was founded on, God, Family, Country regardless of how so many try to change it, it will never be any other way, and that's my rant on that.
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Rotney said...

gee Melli, you sound like me. LOL When will America become America again?

Melli said...

LOL Hi there sweetie, I guess I'm sick and tired of being told what we can and cannot say, enough is enough lol