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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mark Martin Wins #3 at MI

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
Wow, what an ending at MI tonight, I was stunned stupid lol to say the very least when Mark crossed that checkred line first, I was shaking my head in disbelief like most of us watching and also over joyed that the God of Nascar shinned on Mark and won his 3rd race this season which makes his total in Cup wins 38. He's the 17th all time winner in Cup and is now has the most wins this season.
The media has made such a huge issue of Mark being 50 and still competitive and winning, if you watched the race, Bill Elliott 53 who runs a limited schedule with the Wood Brothers Racing finished 13th. So, those of us over 50, me included feel better now than I did in my 30s and 40s, I am where I want to be and happy with life. Mark and Bill are there too, they don't have anything to prove to anyone, they are Champions who are 2 of the most respected drivers in Nascar history. The younger drivers look up to them for guideness in a very rough sport, it's tough to win a race and when they do, they know it may be there last as the competition is so tough now, it's very hard to win.
The best year in wins Mark had was 1998 the year of Mark Martin and Jeff Gordon, between those two guys they won 20 of the 32 races, Mark 7 and Jeff 13 who went on to win the championship over Mark by 300 points lol even with all those wins Mark was behind the 8 ball 300 points, the Mark and Jeff show man that brings a smile to my face.
But, this is hands down the very best year for Mark, he's a different man. Older, mature and happy he's at a good time in his life with his family right beside him. I saw Arlene today and she was beaming, she has always stayed in the background for much of Mark career, but today, she was right there beside him and what a cute couple they make.
This coming weekend we are headed to Sanoma aka Infanion road course just outside SF Calif. it's one the most beautiful tracks Cup goes to.
It sits high up in the wine country with the beautiful Pacific Ocean in eyesight, this will be a great race and Mark is a roadie as they say, he loves road courses.
Well, that's it for my Trackside rants, I'm going to bed tonight a happy women as it's been a very nice productive day and to top it off Mark and crew won yet again.
Ciao for now

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Rotney said...

hey Melli, Mark is like fine wine he just gets better with age.. LOL