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Sunday, May 10, 2009

2nd Win for Mark Martin @ Darlington

Wowwwww WTG Mark and Crew on his 2nd win in four races at Darlington the track that's too tough to tame or as she is well known The Lady In Black.
She proved again what a tough one she can be most of the field of 43 cars had the Darlington stripe which is usually at or around turn 4. This is due to the egg shape of the track and the WHIP effect you get coming out of turn 4 to the front stretch, it's nasty and only the best of the best (Which Mark is lol) can get through or around it 400 laps later with not a single scratch, just amazing.
Mark Martin is in the best shape of his life physically and mentally and being the big 50, which the media has just gone stupid over, saying they are just amazed that Mark can keep driving and winning at 50 almost turns me into a red head, and I feel a rant coming on.
Mark is now 11th the points and I see him doing very well, by making the Chase....I'm not even thinking about the Championship as it's eluded him for nearly 25yrs, it's a heart breaker to be so close 4 times and not win it, you get to a mind set that making the Chase and doing the very best you and crew can is good enough.
But, my dear race fans, I see that fire in his face, a fire I haven't seen in many years, so it wouldn't surprise me if Mark wins it, but I'm not going there lol.
I would also like the see Kevin Harvick (Happy Harvick) get back on track, I saw that maybe this weekend as finished with a top 15 which is good after they went through the CC (crew chief) and crew was switched with Casey Mears....we will have to wait and see if that change is going to enhance the teams, Richard Childress has done this before, he knows what he's doing, I wish them luck.
That's it for me tonight
Ciao for now

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