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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's a New Day

It's a new day for me as I am now an employee of St. Rose Hospital Henderson NV I start June 1st, I'm very excited. Today I did all the paperwork signing and that took about an hour, what was so surprising was how nice and welcoming the HR staff was to me.
They made you feel at home and for me this has been 16 year journey, which now ends and starts if that makes sense. I worked for a big catholic hospital in Orange Calif. St Joseph Hospital and was laid off in 1993.
St. Rose is very much like St Joe's and I have to say, walking into the hospital today to say HI to my new co-workers and being greeted with warm smiles, handshakes, made it feel like I was finally back home.
I'm really looking forward to getting started, it's a good salery....I'm starting PerDiem which means I work varied shifts (12hr) that's ok too, as I need to get my foot in the door, then work on getting on full time with benefits.
Being 50+ it's not fun to start over in the job market, I'm older, my body isn't wanting to work the long hours, I don't have that *Hair on Fire* attitude climbing the corpt ladder. I found out the hard way, once up on top, it's a very long ride/fall down and damnit it hurts.
So, for now I'm happy just working and having fun.
Have a great day
Ciao for now


crawboats said...

Melanie with her hair on fire...... A vision I could do without.

Craig said...

Congratulations, Melanie! You'll do great there. Great seeing you this morning.