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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Race That Finally Ended Coke Cola 228

At last we have a winner and a first time winner at that, congratulations to David Reutimann aka Rudy. With a wash out on Sunday literally the rain just wouldn't go away. To being rescheduled for today Monday at 12:00 EST, and again a delay due to rain, then the moment of silence for all our of Vets past and present at 3:00pm, then another rain caused caution.
Rudy, Ryan Newman, Robby Gordon decided to stay out and chance it, great call on their part after waiting 2hrs under cover, Nascar called the race as official as they completed 228 laps and Rudy was the winner. That is really neat to see and he was so excited as was car owner Michael Waltrip who was giddy as that's the first Cup win as an owner.
Now, for the interesting Nascar Town Hall mandatory meeting for all driver, crew chiefs, owners and others to answer any and all questions in regards to problems inside the garage area, and I'm sure it's going to get ugly.
Questions on the drug testing policy is at the top of the list....I'm sure the excessive fine for single team owner of $200K for an engine infraction will be a hot button.
The report of the first full year with that BIG POS car they (media and everyone else) refer to at COT (Car of today).
And I'm sure track owner Bruton Smith who Nascar's number Nemesis because he wants what is best for the fans has a bunch to say LOL, yaaaaaaa think!!!!!!
So, that is the haps for this past weekend....Brian and I had a great time just hanging out and visiting with our part time neighbors from Calif.
I also got a very good movie review from my best sister Maria on the new Star Trek flick she said it is awesome.
So, we shall see what we shall see after this meeting tomorrow, at least they are having the meeting to try and get problems out on the table. Work them out and move on!!!!!
Ciao for now

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