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Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff

The pictures posted are of Dad and I in Nov 08 the 2nd one is of mother and daddy in1980.

89 years ago my father Jerry was born on June 1st 1920 in Batesville, Ark (oh my where Mark Martin was born too, we may be related lmao,JK).

We are sending daddy lots of love and happy to yous from your family...I just pray I'm in half the shape he's in now at his age.

He's still sharp as a tack, works out everyday, doesn't move that fast but keeps moving which is the key. I'm proud to have a dad like him, he's always been my hero and always will be, he's a kind wonderful man with a very rich military and aviation history.

I'm starting to journal his life which is going to take along time to record, once it's all done I'm going to have it put in book form for the family and friends.

Happy Birthday Daddy we love you

Your lil messy America



Anonymous said...

Melli---Please post a photo of you with your Dad !

Melli said...

That was an ooops forgot the pic here it is Happy Birthday again Dad

Rotney said...

Hey Melli, wish Dad a Happy Birthday from me. You are so luck that you have such a great dad, and that he has been in your life so long.

crawboats said...

Happy Birthday shipmate.Maria and I are thinking of you.