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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nascar All Star Weekend Is Here

Super cool pictures of the Bad Boys of Nascar and I had to add Dale Sr as he was the Intiminator and totally the bad boy of Nascar back in the days when Nascar was true racing, not like it is today, septic!!! JMHO (just my humble opinion)
This is the week that most fans look forward to as it's our weekend to be honored for supporting our favorite sport. Charlotte becomes Nascar Dinseyland lol so to speak, lots and lots of fun things to do and see. All the shops open up for tours and every know pop star are playing all over the city.
Charlotte is the place to be this week, it's nothing but eye candy for us fans lol and oh I almost forgot the FOOD is out of this world, the BBQs ect.
I wish I could be there this week just to take in all the hooplala it's magic and for those of you that have been, let know how you liked it and what you did.
My pick to win, hmmm let me see!!!! tap tap tap (I'm thinking) tap tap tap......MARK LOL and I don't care about 2nd on down, so there you have it, Mark to win again.
Ciao for now and God bless this precious country

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Melli said...

I need to add just another thought, Dale Sr was a very warm, sweet, funny, had a wicked sence of humor, loved Teresa and his kids more than anything, his farm was his life, Nascar afforded him to ease to enjoy it and not worry about money. I have one early morning practice at LVMS Jan 2000 that I will hold close it was a very special time, I spent the day just watching and enjoying testing without all the hooplala that follows Nascar. On the track he was the one to deal with off the track he was a wonderful humanitarian he did alot of good thats not talked about because thats the way Dale wanted it.
Ciao for now