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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Beauty of Spring Is Finally Here

I love spring time it's the happiest time for my yard and garden it's right before the very hot summers and after the very cold winter, and my little darlings are so happy. I have been potting my annuals and just bought another Bougainvillea (purple) she is now sistered up with two other red ones and what a lovely trio they make.
Living in the high desert, it's very hard to grow the plants I grew up with Orange Co as they can't take the heat, thank Goodness Boggies love the heat and do well.
I prepped my planter garden in the back yard and just the smell of fresh earth put a smile on my face, and of course I talk to all my little sprouting wonders lol.
There's nothing that calms the soul than going outside and tending to the plants and yes, talking to them. My family of Quail, Finch, Doves, migrating Cardinals, and lots of others birds are also a sweet treat. The covey of baby Quail are just to precious and the parents are so loving and protective of their youngins.
Then we have Peter and Molly (darling cottontail Rabbits) who are just to cute. It's amazing how Gods little creatures all know the pecking order and cohabitate in peace, wouldn't it be wonderful if us humans used them as the benchmark for peace and getting along with everyone?
Well. I need to get back to my yard, it's warm today but not screeching hot, I need to get the Boogies in there new big pots. I will post more pictures later.
Ciao for now


crawboats said...

Sure get me fired up than change the subject... Nice flowers Mel

Melli said...

LOLLLLLLL your more than welcome, now please let me finish my Spa day lol