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Thursday, May 21, 2009

For All Heros Who Have Served Then and Now

Memorial Day is my favorite holiday of the year or one of's a time we pay our respects to all of our serviceman and women serving our country, protecting all of us and some dieing for the precious freedom we all enjoying living here the wonderful USA.
There is not place on Gods earth that is more of a blessing than here and we take advantage of it, we forget the wars that have been and are being fought for that freedom.
How many times a day do you stop, just stop, sit down quietly and thank God for all we have, and pray for the safety of those serving?
I look at my father and I swell with such pride knowing his rich history of service to our country during WW11 on the USS Radford 42-45. I listened to him tonight talk to one of the few survivors left of his shipmates, Mr. Jim Ramsey a wonderful man too, he's had health issues, and I could hear the concern in Daddy's voice while they talked and reminisced of their time together on board ship.
Take the time this weekend to call someone you know that has served our country or city ect, let them know how much they are appreciated.
Send a note via snail mail with a stamp and stationary the whole works, and put in the mail box, to that good friend, brother,sister, father or mother that has given so much of themselves for OUR Freedom.
Daddy, to you I say *You are my hero* and always will be.
Have a wonderful weekend, and put ole glory out and let her fly and she rings the bells of freedom.
Ciao for now

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