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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jimmy Johnson & Team 48 Win Dover

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
Congratulations to Jimmy Johnson & team Lowes for their win today at Dove which was one of the best races I've seen in awhile. It was a dog fight between JJ and Smoke (Tony Stewart #14) it looked there that Tony was going to get his first point cup win, but it wasn't to be as his tires went away with 3 laps to go.
Tony gave it all he had and he said the best car won today YEAH Chevy...stay tuned to Tony he's going to get that win before this thing is over, he's now the points leader, which comes after 560 races (2005). That is a feat in itself as he's the first owner/driver to lead the points since 05 WTG Tony.
As for this years coverage starting out with Fox, they nailed it in my opinion, with Mike Joy, Larry Mac and DW, that is a team that I'm going to miss the second half of the season which starts next Sunday with ESPN. Congrats to Fox on a great job and I can't wait to have them back in 8mos which is Daytona lol.
Now, as for ESPN I have watched other sporting advents with them and they are pretty good what I like about ESPN is they switch to PIP screen during commercials so we don't miss any part of the racing action that is a huge plus.
As for my guy Mark Martin he did pretty good today except for the hiccup in the pits but he motored that puppy back up to as high as 2nd near the end and was a contender for a 3rd win, but his tires too went away finishing 10th which kept him 12th in points with a nice lead.
Next week they are off too Pocono PA, which is going to interesting that's a another tough track.
Ciao for now
P.S Gary, I hope your now happy lol


Rotney said...

one comment on your blog. You mentioned the FOX broadcast team. Yes they were great but one thing burned my back side. DW's bias towards Toyjoka and MWR.

Just one guys thoughts,
Luv Ya Sis


Melli said...

DW is being politically correct and I don't find him being biased, but you also have to remember that his little brother MW is in a Toyo, so he's going to play nice nice.
Just my thoughts and did you READ my retire post about Tony??? LOL

Whitney said...

Awesome Melli! I am so glad you are doing this!