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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

As I Was Saying...!!!

Seeing Mark Martin who just turned 50 win his second race this year has inspired me and I'm sure many other's over 50 to look at ourselves in a newer and younger light, which we should. 50 today is the new 30 we have seen the stats for the past few years the AMA did a study with reference to us over 50 and how we are coping.
WE ARE JUST FINE thank you very much, if it hadn't been for US over 50 there wouldn't be the 30 somethings out there. We are the gate keepers of youth, of doing what he want and not have to get 30 friends approval. We are wiser, more focused, and care what we do, how we treat others.
We take our jobs be it professional or at home very seriously....we have a maturity and clear vision on what needs to be done and we go and do it, no strings attached. We are paying it forward, giving back. I just listened to Bill Gates Sr. interviewed on the Today show with son Bill Jr. and I was flabbergasted that he was a grounded kid growing up in Seattle with normal, hard working parents, with 2 other bothers and sisters, he's normal, well lol in the world of genius' (geek squad) his father instilled the simple values as did his mother, do unto other's as you'd have them to unto you, never burn a bridge you may need to cross in the future, never lie, and keep yourself out of your own (me) circle. What a great dad...Gates Sr. was Lear/Gates aviation back in the 60's.
So, my rant is that I'm sick and I am SO tired of hearing and seeing at every corner that us Seniors lol 50+rs are quit capable of having a great life, work, family and YES WIN races in the top dog series of Nascar. Mark doesn't know it yet, (I have sorta told him) he's an inspiration to thousands of us folks a half century old.
Well, that's that on that and I feel soooooo much better getting that off my chest :)

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crawboats said...

So I'm not so sure I would call 50 the new 30 as much as I would say that team changes have made the greatest difference for Mark. All the years he drove for Roush I felt he would do much better anyplace else. I wanted to like him but just could not see or find the thing that would make him "my driver" (and he drove a F*&d). Of course in the glory days he was competing against the greatest driver of all time (hint: think #3). While I admit my only view of Mark has been through the TV and what the producers wanted people to see, I always got the feeling that something was missing for Mark even in the 4 years he finished 2nd in points. Now, it maybe different producers showing me what they want me to see, but to me that part that was missing all the years he drove for Roush is their now. It started to show in his "retirement" years while driving part time. And if you look you can see it now, some call it "eye of the tiger" others call it passion. For me it appears to be love or a passion. He has remembered why he does what he does and why it is fun, while at Roush it was a job, now it is "FUN" like it was in the old days. Mark is back, and with a little foresight on NASCAR's part they can build on this and start to bring this sport back to it's glory days. Of course driving a Chevy and for Hendrick helps a bunch as well. But 50 is the new 30, nope my body disagrees with you on that Mel.

Melli said...

Hi Gary thanks so much for your thoughts about Mark and I have to agree. He's found the passion that was lost years ago starting back in the mid 90s when his father was killed in a plain crash...when he got so badly hurt after a crash in MI or Dega (memory is fuzzy) and just not feeling like he was really apart of the Roush Org as the senior driver. Roush and Mark is still very close, but there had to be some rough feelings when he announced his retirment the same year as Rusty, then was talked out of it after Kurt Busch was fired. He stayed an extra season as Jacks request...and I have to say Mark is the same *on* camera or *off*. He's a real nice man very serious about what he does, and now, there is the passion which has been missing for him for many years