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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

He Said, Nascar Said The War on Words re: Jeremy Mayfield

This is my second post on this issue with Jeremy Mayfield Nascar driver regarding him aledgealy not passing his drug test 3 weeks ago. I am re-posting my personal thoughts, they are mine, no one else's and if I say something that you don't agree with that's fine, but I'm stating fact on drug testing and PMI (Protected Medical Information).
As has been reported in the press for the past 3 weeks or so, Jeremy tested positive for an unknown substance and was suspended by Nascar May 5th. Jim Hunter Competition Director held a news conference and announced that Jeremy and two other crew members were suspended the crew members are not on his team.
From the time this was announced to today, it's turned into a SH__T storm, finger pointing, attorneys now involved on both sides.
Questions as to weather Nascar has the right to disclose this information, according to Jeremys camp, he didn't know they were going to make that announcement.
Nascar officials say they notified Jeremy of the impending news conference.....
Jeremy told the press he didn't receive any lab results from the lab that did the testing.....
Nascar released they notified Jeremys people on 3 different occasions of the results.....
All the drivers, except for Kasey Kahne who stated on Nascar Now tonight he doesn't care, as he eats normal food, and drinks Budweiser only, so he doesn't have anything to worry about, Hmmm.
This is the mother of all HE SAID, THEY SAID!!!!!
The drivers are concerned about this, they want to see a list of what is and what is not accepted.
Now, this is where it gets really ugly....the questions I asked WERE, does Nascar have the right to disclose PMI to the media without the knowledge of the person involved? I said no they don't and I was informed I am wrong (For which I say!!!!) IN WHO's BOOK??? I also was asked by someone if this was a HIPAA violation??
I said that I thought it would be, as I've worked in the Medical Field for 31 years and patient confidentially is the utmost priority in my field. There are very strike guidelines that must be followed when releasing patient information....
Then I was asked "It doesn't matter they didn't TELL what the drug supposedly was" ...who gives a crap about WHAT it was, but HOW it was released to the press.
That is my main issue, but being the peon that I am, and don't know @#$@@ about PMI and HIPAA, I guess Nascar is right to breach a patients PMI, sorry that I was so short sighted.
Thats all I'm going to say on this, I do however want to wish Jeremy all the best during this very rough time. I feel for people that go though situations like this, being found guilty before having your day in court (so to speak) before being found guilty.
Again, please let me reinterate this is my personal opinion, and I do have them. I don't want to ruffle anyones ego's here, but I feel that this whole situation was handled very poorly.
Well shall see what we shall see as to how this is going to end.
Ciao for now


crawboats said...

Okay so this is my opinion on this matter. I spent 25 years of my life in the military and I was part of the first group of people to be tested when the military started its drug testing program (late 70's) and at that time it was a hit or miss type of thing, by that I mean I was popped for Novocain from some dental work I had done 2 days before. A re-test using the same sample and a refined test showed no illegal drug usage. Fast forward to the late 90's. The Navy implements a zero tolerance policy, one hit and you are out. I had the misfortune to sit many court martial's as senior enlisted for sailors who claimed contact with people who were getting high or someone put something in my drink. Being on a military court martial board give me an insight to what they can find in your piss. And to all the things people will say rather than accept responsibility. Also I received a lot of training and the simple fact is that the levels set for illegal drug usage is such that you HAVE to have ingested/ smoked it yourself. Taking my knowledge into my thought process, and the fact that the company that does the urinalysis does not want to have its ass sued off so they set the levels at such a point that it will hold up in any court (well except Ca where no one is guilty). So in my opinion to be listed as positive you have to have been having a good time, someplace. Also, in my opinion, if you have anything to do with NASCAR that has the potential to put you in the public's eye you should be tested on a regular basis and the results should be public (Pass/Fail). I don't care about HIPA (Congress don't care either, can you say "Baseball). In any case where you participate in a sport that makes money off the public, it's part of the price you pay for my dollar. Oh and I almost believe NASCAR and the drug company never told Jeremy (did I mention that I believe the moon is made of green really I have a sample around here someplace.....). So what do I think is the truth.
Jeremy is a sniveling winey jack-ass who is not MAN enough to stand up and say "I did wrong and to all my fans and fans of NASCAR I am sorry" no he would rather try to drag the sport through the mud, only problem is he forgot one thing. A lot of people said "Jeremy who". Jeremy is a has been, and NASCAR willing, a never to be again. In fact I hope that when NASCAR is done with him he will not even be allowed to own a moped dealership.
And to all the drivers out there who are worried that they are going to pop positive on something. The drug testing is very accurate. That is how these companies make money, and there is NO room for errors. I have seen the court battles take place in the 90's. I have lived this whole piss test thing for a long time, I was a guinea pig, it works. Look at it this way, there are a hell of a lot more military people out there than there are NASCAR crews, and they have done all the work for you, I bet they (the urinalysis companies) know of all the drug interactions that you can come up with and than a few more that you never think of. But if you are still worried do this. Prior to every race have a blood sample taken, than again after the race. DNA proves it's your blood and an independent testing agency can clear your name, if it can be cleared. Also you can give hair samples, but I say if you are that worried than you need to look at your life style. Oh and Carl, Claritin is not on the illegal drug list so your okay (has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard).
Oh and just so you know, I sat 28 court martial's, sent 26 home with bad conduct discharges. the 2 that I and my other board members kept both stood up and admitted doing wrong.
Stand by your guns NASCAR, keep my sport clean and I will remain faithful.

Melli said...

WOW, thank you Gary for your insightful opinion. Thats what I love about this, we all have our opinions and I agree with you, thank you for not ditzing my thoughts. This is a very HOT topic today as it should be. We don't need drivers operating these 3k plus machines on drugs, we saw it in CTS and we also know of the fall out in the past month with the untimely death of another driver at his own hand.
Again, Thanks for keeping me on my toes lol