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Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Fun Time With Loverboy

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
This is the *other* stuff, stuff lol... A grand time was had by all us oldies but goodies at the Loverboy concert at Sunset Station Henderson NV. The picture posted is curtisey of Loverboy website it's really the only one I could fine that resonated what these guy from Canada did for the music world with there very distinctive sound. I have to say that the memories of the late 70's brings a huge smile to my face and Loverboy was one of the reasons. Seeing them come out on stage (79 LA Forum) with there skinny little bodies, poured into those red leather chaps (no bottoms lol) and red vests with the bandannas and the HAIR OMG, they were just to much for this *good Christian girl* to take in all at once lmao!!!
I danced so much last night that I pulled a muscle in my right buttox LOL I'm soooo serious just ask Brian who keep laughing about it.
I from this day forth, going to dance and get this OLD bode back into shape lol that hurt lol.
It's so cool to go and see the bands of yesteryear and go away feeling renewed, and yes, even young again. Age is a state of mind and I refuse to grow up, and I plan on staying young in my heart, head and yes body lol
Have a great day and leave me a note as to who your favorite bands of yesterday!!!
Ciao for now


crawboats said...

So let me get this straight, FOX sports finishes what I feel is one of the best seasons they have ever had and I have to read about your sore BUTT. I log on expecting to see some kind of words of wisdom and a little praise for FOX from you and what do I get but "they were just to much for this good Christian girl" (that funny noise you hear is me choking) , not something like Jr. also ran today and once again proves that the skills of father are not handed down to the son, no I have to read about your ass cheek and someone trying to wear red leather with ass hanging out. I would say more but I'm laughing so hard it is tuff to think. Thanks for the laugh Mel. Now can someone stop the world and left me off here please.

P.S. Love ya Mel

Melli said...

LOL Thanks so much Gary for your sweet words lol and let me get to the race for heaven sake