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Friday, May 29, 2009

This Weekend In Nascar-Dover

From Track Side with Melli & Other Stuff
This week in Nascar was jammed packed with news from the ongoing battle of wills between longtime friends and once partners Bruton Smith and Humpy Wheeler (former GM/President) of Lowes Motor Speedway. According to Nascar Scene Humpy wants the 5mil owed on his retirement which he feels is due him. Bruton Smith says, not so fast and has no idea per him what Humpy is talking about lol, oh here we go again with the HE SAID.....HE SAID!!! LOL stay tuned on this one.
The meeting on Tuesday hasn't been talked about except from a statement from Brian France saying it was a good meeting, that a variety of issues where discussed from the COT (car of today), the drug testing policy (being updated) the lower TV ratings and just an all around town hall type of meeting, I'm sure more about this will be coming stay tuned on this one too.
Dove is a one mile track that's a real bear, a driver has to hit his marks every single lap, this is a race the race track race not race the other drivers.
The big news I guess is Tony Eury Jr. has been replaced as Dale Jr's crew chief that decision was made by Rick Hendrick yesterday, which I'm sure was very hard, but this is big business and he needed to get this driver and team moving in the right direction, good luck to Dale Jr. I'm hoping this will get up front again.
And, last but not least, Jeff Gordon is having back problems which was reported 2 weeks ago, he had an injection in his back to help with the pain, this is a temporary fix for this type of problem and I see him not continuing in the 24 after 2010, and why would he? He's got more money than Trump lol has 4 Cup Championships, he has a wonderful little girl and wife, think it's time to have fun, and save his back.
That's the haps for this weekend have a great one
Huggers and Ciao for now

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